Roatan Commercial Land & Businesses For Sale

Roatan Commercial Land & Businesses For Sale. So here you are, (wherever that may be), and you find your thoughts of early retirement, or maybe a successful career that left you in a place where you are mentally having a beach bar, doing a small development, or maybe owning a B & B?  Trust me, (speaking from personal experience:), I know there are many of you have, at least occasionally, those thoughts and maybe a daydream or two. We can help!  We have sold many commercial properties and see if we cannot just find what you are looking for to fulfill those dreams.

 Having thoughts of life on a picturesque tropical island that is mostly English speaking, has an International Airport, (RTB), in sun filled skies, with never a thought about snow, and all the shoveling and removal those thoughts gone forever.

 If you are thinking along the lines noted above, here, like there, there are governing and tax entities. A local Chamber of Commerce and National guidelines to follow.  Relocation full-time we can also help you out, including pointing you in the correct directions for a step-by-step process to make sure all is well before, during and even after the sale with consulting regarding all required for you to be legal and as successful as you can be. We could even advertise you in one of the Categories on this website. If full-time residency is the goal it would be a good thing for you to check out this link from a local attorney that specializes in Residency.

Check out some of the local businesses –

                         Restaurants & Eateries          Misc. Services        Diving and Water Sports