Places to Stay on Roatan

Roatan Island has a wide variety of places to stay, including hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts, lodges and private homes/condos to stay for you vacation or longer-term stay.

Overall there are sufficient facilities at almost any price range and with the exception of major Holidays like Christmas, New Years and ‘Semana Santa” (the week before Easter), occupancy overall, is not an issue.

You should make reservations before your arrival to be sure, whether they be with a local hotel, resort or private home or condo via a booking service like, or Air BNB.

Where you choose to stay may very much depend on where you live. When asked this question your thought process may wish to start with this analogy. West Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in the world based on many publications. There are several condo resorts there and is certainly a beautiful place. That said it may not be what others dream of when visiting a remote tropical island. Others may picture that to be ‘getting away from it all’, meaning no crowds, few businesses, nothing but starry night skies and complete tranquility and do not mind at all that there are no bands at the local night time ‘hot spots’’ or if actually there are any ‘hot spots’ at all.

Overview Video – From “Touristy” to Remote Roatan Has your needs!

As a general rule the western third of the island is the ‘tourism’ end, the center of the island, (that also has wonderful places to stay), the commercial section with a shopping mall, nice beaches and really great golf course.

The eastern end some would consider ‘remote’ with some locations that are boat access only but also has pristine coral reef and some of the best fishing you will find anywhere. Check out this Geography Video to help you decide!