RE/MAX Roatan – July 2013- Newsletter

As many of my readers are aware I have been writing this monthly Newsletter for some time now. It originally was similar to the ‘VIP Investor’s Club’ bulletins

whereas, whenever a really hot deal came up I would send it out and at times some new listings. For several years now I have been keeping a ‘WORD’ doc on my desktop and when I decided to write something I would do a paragraph right then, combining them all, once a month, and sent the content out to all of you.

I have come to the realization that my subscribers are basically split into two groups. First are those, who are newer to the subscriber list and their focus is more on real estate and/or wish to keep up on the market here regularly so they may get a feel for when is the perfect time for them to buy and what exactly is selling .

Then there are those who have purchased real estate here and now like to keep up to date on the island restaurants, activities, and odds and ends news. The end result has been that as the island continues to grow and develop my Newsletters get longer and longer, possibly too long for some people to want to read.

I have decided to forge forward on a new path, (hey what the heck, change is good, actually how I originally got here) J

At this point I am going to change things and this is how it will work. Hopefully it will give most readers EXACTLY what they are looking for.

First, as some of you may already know, we here on the island have two RE/MAX Franchises, (RE/MAX Bay Islands & RE/MAX Western Sunsets). Each of those franchises has a web site, both have the same information presented though formatted differently in an attempt to satisfy whichever you feel more comfortable with. What you feel is more ‘user friendly’.

( & ).

What I will be doing is this……………

The Newsletter you are receiving will still be published each month but will be pretty much for real estate. There will be new listings, good deals and things that you should be aware of in the real estate market here on Roatan, (along with the broader markets of the north coast of Honduras in the areas of LaCeiba, Omao, Porte Cortez and occasionally other locations). There are a large quantity of foreigners that buy, shop and live on the mainland also.

I will also continue to send out, on occasion, what I consider really hot deals to the VIP / Investors Club. These are normally for people who have the cash and are more looking to be able to buy well and quickly. Some fly down the following week to look and make the deal. Those links, one for each site, has signups at here on either of these two links –

Finally for those who wish more of the news, restaurants, things to do & odds and ends …. you will want to visit my new link, (on both web sites), called the ‘Roatan Daily’. It is found on the left side of the home page of and on the pull down menu of the ‘Helpful Links’ tab on

When you wake up in the morning and wonder what is new on the island or what the weather will be, (yes there is a weather widget to help plan your day), you can go to one of our ‘Roatan DAILY’ sites, check it out and read a bit about what is happening on the island.

These are the he two ‘Roatan Daily’ link options (one for each site) or

It is on these links that I will write a paragraph or two a few times a week about various events, restaurants, culture, art or things to do and places to go. It will be on these links that you will be able to check the weather everyday to see what it is like, (or in many instances what you are missing.

One of these above links are what you will wish to ‘bookmark’ or save to your ‘favorites’ or on your browser bookmark bar, if you wish to keep up on the island and get ideas of what to do when you are here.

After you get to one of the ‘Roatan Daily’ sites you can scroll down and check out a sentence or two of each subject and see if you want to read on for each individual subject.

What is on the ‘Roatan Daily’ right now?

-New Roatan Drivers License procedures

-What is upcoming at the Movies for ‘Date Night’

-Weather Wonders

-MLS Mobil

-Retire Roatan

…….coming soon to the ‘Daily’… Health Insurance options………Rotary International District Conference coming to Roatan, local businesses update…. Honduran Elections upcoming.

If you are one of the readers that is more interested in the everyday life here versus real estate the following is real estate only.

The above all said, here is the first ‘Real Estate’ Newsletter- , (real estate only)…………………

The market here seems to have flattened out from it’s trajectory downward, stabilized and I believe will be moving upward. All of the RE companies are now experiencing an influx of clients and I am sure the great new prices have a lot to do with this in that are opening the market to millions of people that were getting priced out. When you now can buy a home site at about what it costs to buy a nice car it does wonders to any market.

Casita/Condos – We really have some great condos for sale right now and at literally all price ranges. Some of these units are below builder costs and certainly deserve your consideration if you are looking for that option that has little for responsibilities when you are not here, will cover your expenses via possible rentals if you choose to do such and virtually all of them are turnkey down to the knife , fork and spoon, fully furnished. Check out some options right here-,2

Build or Bank?

Much of the vacant property on the island of Roatan and on the north coast of Honduras is lower priced now than it was when I got here in 1999. As I review some of what we have for sale even I am amazed at some of the prices. We have on file small building lots that have views to aqua and deep blue seas and are 100+ yards from a white sand beach and 200 yards from a Pete Dye design golf course the ‘Black Pearl’ for only $29,000 U.S.

There are Caribbean beachfront lots for only $38,000. Some Sellers are even willing to finance or if you are a builder I may be able to find a few that would give you a deal to build a spec home or two. If you are looking at the possibility of a retirement location, or a place to build a vacation home or maybe you might want to and should not pass up great deals for possible future use, this may be your time.

Building costs here start at about $100+/square foot, meaning you can build yourself a nice 1400 sf 2br/2ba getaway and buy a piece of land for under $200,000 U.S. total.

You get to pick the spot, the view, the design and colors. Buy the land now while prices are down and either build or sit on it until you are ready to build. Here are some great vacant property deals –,2

How about a change in life & or lifestyles- It truly is amazing how many people have made their mark in life, raised their children, are tired of the cold and snow and decide they are way too young to do nothing and find their way to our island to ‘start anew’. Maybe what your government considers your ‘fair’ share is more than you think is ‘fair’? there seems from what I am hearing from my clients there is a lot of that going on now.

Does one of these describe you? Want some options? The below link encompasses a large span of options from small inexpensive ‘hobby’ type businesses, to large ambitious purchases. There are some commercial buildings that you could be the ‘landlord’, two of which are in the 10% ROI area for some relatively passive income. Life is short- Live it! Check out some options here –,2

That is it for this months issue and please remember to check the ‘Roatan Daily’ for the weather and the news. This links again are here. Check it out there are some nice photos on each article and some related links for your browsing pleasure. or

Best to all………….. Larry






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