Looking for the best restaurants on Roatan? If you have eclectic tastes in regard to what you expect from Roatan restaurants you will be right at home on the island of Roatan. The cultural diversity on its own will provide that for you whether it be by the native islanders, their heritage and race, or by the diverse group of foreigners that reside here.

If you wish to ‘Eat Island”, food on Roatan generally consists of stewed or fried chicken, pork or seafood,(Shrimp, Lobster, Fish), rice and beans, cabbage salad or coleslaw, and fried plantains. The large variety of tropical fruits (mango, several varieties of bananas, guava, papaya, leech, mangos, and some of the best pineapple you have ever eaten and many you probably have never seen or tried), along with fresh veggies all adds up to an explosion of your taste buds.

The seafood is delectable and with a tremendous variety available on the island including shrimp, lobster, snapper, grouper, and dozens of other varieties of fresh catches of the day. Restaurants preparation varies widely bringing a wider of options for your palette. Roatan’s restaurants offer an interesting variety of dishes and you can enjoy a totally different meal every single day you’re in Roatan. Add that to what many consider the best steak house in the country and your main dish can certainly be delectable.

One of the prized possessions of the island, for “foodies” a bit of a treasure in itself, is a hydroponic farm that provides the freshest of the fresh lettuce and fresh herbs. Fresh, fresh, fresh! Your taste buds will EXPLODE!


From one end of the island to the other you have opportunity to visit many locations or find your favorite place to enjoy the tropical evenings. Beach bars, hotel/resort’s locations even a large and modern Sports Bar. Choose your atmosphere and price point. The island has something for everyone!

Many of the local bars have singers and musicians. You can obtain where and when they play on this Face Book page.