Shopping on Roatan -continued

The Shopping  on Roatan experience will be far different from where you may come from with wide varieties of products, prices and cultural options

Pretty much anywhere and everywhere you live in North America now, there will be shopping malls of considerable size along with strip malls surrounding the large malls.  Here commercialism is not that intense.

For visitors there are modern grocery stores, and plenty of shops to purchase your “T” shirts and souvenirs. Those are mostly located at cruise ship ports and tourism areas like West Bay and West End, though are scattered all over the island in lesser quantities.

For those that live here they can purchase everything for new and used cars, appliances, hardware, granite counter tops, … name it. There are few things that you may meed that you may not easily find but if you ask around or maybe go tot the FaceBook Page “Ask Anything”  and someone will happily respond, usually pretty promptly.

Shopping Mall? Yes there is

There is only one larger format mall on the island, (Mega Mall in French Harbor). There are smaller strip malls like West Bay Mall that are more geared to the tourist.