Hurricane Warning? Not so much.

Yes I know people automatically think of warm weather places, even like Florida and the eastern Caribbean, and think that dodging Hurricanes will be like dodging tornados in the states. Nope. Those hurricanes almost always start off the coast of Africa then head west. More often than not the eastern Caribbean, Florida, Cuba, the gulf coast are the most visited locations. At times they head south and make it to the Yucatan, Belize and Texas. Those hurricanes VERY seldom make it this direction.

On the RARE occasion we experience one, (usually over 20 years in between visits). The storms we encounter somehow make there way up this direction from South America. AND when they do come this way the second largest barrier reef in the world surrounds Roatan and protects it from surges, which is where most of the damage from those storms come from. Are we ‘Hurricane proof’? No we are not, but rarely do they knock on our door.

Yep, yet another reason to consider Roatan over every other locations you may be considering.






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