Why would someone buy a place on Roatan or another Off-shore location?

For many years we have heard many reasons. Some of those are for reasons involving investment, weather, mid and/or later life adventures, lower cost of living, and vacation homes. Has that changed in the past few years? I think if you ask any real estate professional in the Caribbean and Central America your answer will be an overwhelming YES! What … Read More

Hurricane Warning? Not so much.

Yes I know people automatically think of warm weather places, even like Florida and the eastern Caribbean, and think that dodging Hurricanes will be like dodging tornados in the states. Nope. Those hurricanes almost always start off the coast of Africa then head west. More often than not the eastern Caribbean, Florida, Cuba, the gulf coast are the most visited … Read More

Health Care Off-shore?

Health concerns? Yes we all have them and if you are under 65 years old or a non- Canadian options can be few. Here you have three health Insurance options that I am aware of. Those would be CIGMA, Prudential or BUPA that all would cover you both here or there, where ever ‘there’ may be. With the costs of … Read More

Tale of Two Countries

Buying real estate in Honduras- The tale of ‘ two countries’. Have you ever been to Canada? Historically Canada has been two countries in one really. As you travel northeast in Ontario you eventually get to the province of Quebec. Highway signs make the transformation from English to French as do all the signs in the province for stores, street … Read More

What is your plan?

What is the plan? Investment ? retirement? Vacation home? Some of the most asked questions are- -Is it or does it have to be permanent? -NO -As an ex-pat- give up your citizenship? – NO -If the Bay Islands ws originally part of the British Empire do you drive on the left side of the road like you do in … Read More

Weather Wonders

This morning while watching the news very early I realized that for many years now in January or February then again in July or August I noticed and often commented on the ‘weather extremes’ in North America. Think about it. Last week in Arizona the temps were up to 125º and last winter temps were as low as minus 30º … Read More

Retire -Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Are looking for a great place like Roatan, Bay Islands to retire? Are you searching for that perfect property or land opportunity? Here at RE/MAX on Roatan many communicate with us for so many different desires and goals. Besides the obvious of considering a property or land in Honduras, some fit the ’40, 50, or 60 year olds’ category who … Read More

Geography- Take 5, ok maybe 10′ –

If you are relatively new to your research on the island of Roatan, you may wish to visit the ‘YouTube’ link below. It is an informational videos to help inform and educate those intersted in real estate investment, retirement, vacation or retirement homes. The series will provide information in short 5 to 10 minute video clips to help those who … Read More