Tale of Two Countries

Buying real estate in Honduras- The tale of ‘ two countries’.

Have you ever been to Canada? Historically Canada has been two countries in one really. As you travel northeast in Ontario you eventually get to the province of Quebec. Highway signs make the transformation from English to French as do all the signs in the province for stores, street signs, directional information. It is like leaving one county and going to another.

I present the above comparison in that many understand that the country of Canada is

two very different cultures. The same in many ways is the way it is in Honduras. The ‘mainland’ of the country of Honduras is part of what was originally the ‘new world’ and

part of the Spanish claimed territories ‘back in the day’ of Christopher Columbus. This large area that included Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, & Costa Rica. The Bay Islands (62 islands and Keys which include Roatan, Utila, Guanaja) were originally part of the British Empire.

Today, similar in many ways to Montreal and Ontario, the ‘mainland’ of Honduras and the Bay Islands are two contrasting cultures. Although they are parts of the same ‘country’, culturally there are large differences. The Bay Islands is mostly English speaking where U.S. dollars are easily exchanged and/or spent whereas on the mainland Spanish is mainly spoken and the National Honduran currency, the ‘Lempira’, is pretty much what you have and use.

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