Health Care Off-shore?

Health concerns? Yes we all have them and if you are under 65 years old or a non- Canadian options can be few. Here you have three health Insurance options that I am aware of. Those would be CIGMA, Prudential or BUPA that all would cover you both here or there, where ever ‘there’ may be. With the costs of health care in North America going up, more doctors getting out of the practices and Insurance company premiums rising dramatically each year for the past three, we all need to consider options.

Medical costs here can be dramatically less in price. Many just decide to pay out of pocket. We go annually for checkups that are not covered by insurance but they are worth every penny. You can get a full body scan, virtual colonoscopy and a heart scan for under $1000. You can get about any lab test here on the island (an entire list of them ) for about $100.00 and a dental implant for about $1,500.00.






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