'A Star is Born' !

House Hunters International- Many of our Buyers are first introduced to Roatan from watching ‘HHI’ . This weekend ‘HHI’ is visiting us again, this time the ‘Star of the Show’ is one of our most experienced Agents, Wendy McLaughlin. Wendy is an islander who went to the U.S. to get her Bachelors Degree in Business then came back to live … Read More

Why would someone buy a place on Roatan or another Off-shore location?

For many years we have heard many reasons. Some of those are for reasons involving investment, weather, mid and/or later life adventures, lower cost of living, and vacation homes. Has that changed in the past few years? I think if you ask any real estate professional in the Caribbean and Central America your answer will be an overwhelming YES! What … Read More

Health Care Off-shore?

Health concerns? Yes we all have them and if you are under 65 years old or a non- Canadian options can be few. Here you have three health Insurance options that I am aware of. Those would be CIGMA, Prudential or BUPA that all would cover you both here or there, where ever ‘there’ may be. With the costs of … Read More