Services On Roatan

Roatan Services on the island are varied and there is no doubt that you may not find everything that you have where you live, but overall most needs can be met.   Here you will find Accounting, Banking, Legal, Insurance, Churches, Builders and related trades to name a few. Shipping by mail and ocean freight. Photography………. The list goes on.

There are many banks on the island for your location and financial needs. They all deal and have accounts in both the national currency (Lempiras), and U.S. Dollars. Some also have Euro accounts. Cash advances on credit cards and currency exchange is possible in all locations.  ATM’s both Bank and privately operated are available in virtually every location that you would normally be or travel to.

Attorneys will often specialize in services where it be business, residency, real estate and others.

Our advice would be to obtain referrals on your needs and not go into any service blindly.  There are no “Angie’s List” or Better Business Bureaus here so often the cream rises to the top so ask around.