Shopping-Roatan will be an adventure to a great degree in that “here is not there” so you can experience everything from roadside souvenir & produce stands and restaurant/food roadside stops along with a modern strip malls really great restaurants and U.S. style grocery stores.

Whether you are visiting for a day, a week, months or if you are relocating to the Bay Islands Shopping-Roatan, you can pretty much find what you need and want. Things are different here, well, because it is an island. You will often stay on top of it a little and know that a certain day the produce hits the market or maybe the ship from the U.S. may be there so you know the stores are well stocked. You may want to go to the local fresh seafood market or seafood market where the shrimp or lobster are or maybe you will find a local fisherman who man take your order and show up a day or so later with the “fresh catch of the day”. Pickup trucks going through neighborhoods full of produce may also be your choice of buying.


When shopping-Roatan, keep in mind that there are literally thousands of fruit trees on the island that provides guava, several varieties of bananas, plantains and mangos. There are fruits here that may be different or you may not be familiar with. For example, sour sap, sea grapes, bread fruit, coco plums, and several others. The Pineapples here are delicious. Most people from the U.S. eat Pineapples from Hawaii. Why? Pretty much because the “ship” better. The Pineapple in Central America is far, far tastier with a much higher natural flavor. Yes, it eats great but does not ship well.

Need furniture or appliances? Check. An air conditioner? No problem. “Here” will never be like “there” but can pretty much find what you need,


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