Shopping on Roatan will be an adventure to a great degree in that “here is not there”. You can experience everything from roadside souvenir & produce stands and restaurant/food roadside stops along with a modern strip malls really great restaurants and U.S. style grocery stores. Shopping on Roatan is an enjoyable experience!

The shopping on Roatan experience may be far different from where you may come from with a wide variety of products, prices and cultural options to choose from.

For visitors there are modern grocery stores, and plenty of shops to purchase your “T” shirts and souvenirs. Those are mostly located at cruise ship ports and tourism areas like West Bay and West End, though are scattered all over the island in lesser quantities. For some, this may be considered the best shopping on Roatan.

Shopping Mall? Yes there is!

There is only one larger format mall on the island, (Mega Mall in French Harbor). There are smaller strip malls like West Bay Mall that are more geared to the tourist.

For those looking for a little more local cultural flair in their shopping, there are many roadside stands and small shops to choose from. Typically items that are for sale will be marked or quoted in American Dollars. Most of the crafted items are native to Roatan and/or mainland Honduras. You will find a large assortment of carved wooden items including bowls, masks, canes and children’s toys. Also to be found are blankets and hand sewn articles of clothing, many for small children. Hand thrown pottery and carved slate items also abound.

For those that live here they can purchase everything from new and used cars, appliances, hardware, granite counter tops, … name it. There are few things that you may need that you may not easily find but if you ask around or maybe go to the FaceBook Page “Ask Anything” and someone will happily respond, usually pretty promptly.