Retire -Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Are looking for a great place like Roatan, Bay Islands to retire? Are you searching for that perfect property or land opportunity?

Here at RE/MAX on Roatan many communicate with us for so many different desires and goals. Besides the obvious of considering a property or land in Honduras, some fit the ’40, 50, or 60 year olds’ category who are those looking more for ‘what is next in life’? Maybe you are ‘too young to really do nothing but still need a little income’, type category? Maybe a small business opportunity? We have them starting at only $69,000.00 U.S.

Picture a place that is beautiful, very beautiful with green hills and valleys, aqua blue/azure waters, the deep blue sea, warm Caribbean breezes. A place that is out of the normal ‘hurricane paths’. A place of tropical flora, butterflies abound and yes never a snow flake.

There are literally tens of millions of North Americans that are now looking at what they will want to do as retirement ages close in on the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation. For some it will be time to leave a job, because the job says so, and they now wonder, ‘what next’? For some that may mean following the crowd and doing what many others will do, retire and for others it may mean the time to start the new adventure.

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