Roatan CONDOS- 

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Although all Buyers have many choices for Roatan Properties.  First in most consumers minds would be ‘Residential’- In your mind would that be a Home or Condo?, Vacant home sites or a new Development, in that some that look at ‘Relocation’ often consider  Commercial/Development options, for a new career adventure. The Roatan ‘Condo’, residential option, may be just what you are looking for.

What are your goals? Do you wish to own a ‘vacation destination to visit your own tropical paradise? Condos can be a great option for those that love the island and wish to visit it as a vacation preference. A Roatan condo unquestionably can offer a lifestyle that would include the lack of exterior maintenance, various complex amenities and normally a great location, with many to choose from.

Along with the benefits noted above, an island condo often has professional Property Management, to help rent out & maintain your property when you are not there enjoying your little piece of paradise.  Some have exclusive management companies, others the owner can hire their own managers. Virtually every complex has its own CC & R’s and most have Management Agreement

Condos on the island can take different forms and depending on where you are from, that may have a different ‘look’ of sorts in that there are both ‘Residential Condos’ while others here can be considered ‘Hotel Condos’. The difference is that the property management company will rent them out, subtract the expenses of and the difference generates owner income*.  *(Note…….each property complex can calculate rental income differently).

Some have all but no fees, (if you are in their rental pool), others have fees based on the square footage of your unit.  It should be noted here that Customers searching for condos should understand that if you are utilizing your unit for vacations, the more time you spend on the island using your condo removes it from the rental market, normally during ‘high season’ when the rentals are the best.  Therefore, ‘Hotel/Condos’ can be a great choice, though more for vacation stays rather than a customer that wishes ‘seasonal’ stays for several months.

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