Roatan Health Care and Medical Care in Honduras can vary greatly in this developing country and as a general rule varies greatly in quality and availability. Outside the two major cities, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula and to a lesser degree LaCeiba, is similar to many rural parts of the U.S. and Canada and may not always be adequate in dealing with complex medical situations.

There are major medical facilities that offer relatively modern facilities, such as CEMESA Hospitals, (Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, with a new facility on the island of Roatan).  Hospital Viera in Tegucigalpa, Hospital Del Valle also in San Pedro and Hospital Vicente D’Antoni in LaCeiba.


Roatan  –

Mainland –

Hospital Viera – Tegucigalpa

Hospital Del Valle – San Pedro Sula

Hospital Vicente D’Antoni in LaCeiba.


The level of care, depending on where you are from may not raise to the level that you may be used to or expect but in some ways, may actually exceed expectations in that the cost of medical care is very reasonable with General Practitioners charging less than $25.00 for Office visits and less than $1000 for full body MRI’s which states side are so expensive, not covered by most insurance policies but can be very helpful, (even life saving) for diagnostic purposes. In some instances, you may also find that doctors will still make “house calls” at very reasonable rates.

There is Ambulance services on Roatan provided by the local Fire Department, the Red Cross and CEMESA Hospital (known as HCR –Hospital CEMESA Roatan).

Private Air Evacuation services are also available.